Part 1:

The metaphor of the Salvatorian tree

Let me start with a metaphor. If we look at the Salvatorian Family from the point of view of today so we can discover a more or less young tree. You will say now that is clear because this depends on your profession. And you are right because my profession and my Salvatorian vocation have developed together over a long time side by side. So I want to invite you to follow me into this picture so I can give you an understanding of and maybe a feeling for this tree:

I think most of us will agree that God has planned something great with John Baptist Jordan. It is not for nothing that the Hl. Spirit met him as a child, put a special seed in his hand and set an idea of this tree into his mind. For a long period of time Baptist did not really know what to do with these gifts and how to apply them. But the soil was already prepared; the conditions from outside and the climate were ready. And yes – you are right; John Baptist has never seen or recognized his vision in the shape of a tree. But have an open mind, please; I think this comparison could be of interest. Continue Reading