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Go, you are sent! (A dialogue with the spirit)

A beautiful Sunday morning somewhere, – Pentecost Sunday! Just walking home from the holy mass. A joyful celebration, meaningful hymns were sung by the choir and the highlight a rain of smelling petals from roses and Pentecost roses after the Gloria. Still excited I find my way through the park. Parents are playing with their children, young couples sitting in the lawn, seniors are meeting their neighbours, everybody is in a good mood.

Out of a sudden, the last words of the mass come to my mind: “Go, you are sent”

„Hello my friend, you are sent! Do you remember me?“ an inner voice appears and start to talk to me.

I think: „Me? You mean, me? – Is that a misunderstanding. What happens here now?“ – Quite a confrontation develops with a long-repressed inner „relative“ (R) …

I’m sent? To what? To whom? – I’m only a simple Christian, going to Church on Sunday, meet fine people and friends there …

(R): That’s all? – Go, you are sent! Is there not expected more?

Sent? – What does it mean: Sent?! – I am not an ancient apostle in a linen shirt and simple sandals, walking over the hills and sleeping somewhere like a homeless. What a curious image? – I live my life here and now in the 21. century. Life ticks differently today … Continue Reading

3. Sunday of Advent: JOY – „Rejoice in the Lord always!“

“Rejoice” – in Latin “Gaudete” – is the motto of the third Sunday of Advent. “Rejoice in the Lord always! I shall say it again: rejoice!” We can read this in the letter to the Philippians. On the Advent wreath, the pink candle is lit today.

“I feel like a million dollars and like to embrace the whole world!” – “I am bursting with joy!” Maybe, or hopefully, everyone knows the feeling of infinite joy that some event brings with it. It is a feeling that makes one hover above the ground, that produces “butterflies in the stomach”.

The Holy Scripture often speaks of joy. We can find more than 200 places in the Old Testament and over 100 in the New Testament. The Holy Scripture presents the joy of God as a source of power (“…, for rejoicing in the LORD must be your strength! “, Neh 8,10b), which allows one to maintain one’s inner balance even in unpleasant situations. Joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Service to a neighbor may also give joy to the servant, for joy can be incredibly contagious. As an Asian saying goes, “Thousands of candles can be lit by the flame of one candle without their light getting weaker and joy does not decrease if it is shared.“ Continue Reading