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Expanding Salvatorian Family commission meeting

The members of the Commission “Expanding of the Salvatorian Family” met this week in Rome at the Mother House of the Salvatorian Society. On the agenda was the preparation of a proposal for the upcoming General Chapters and the General Assembly. The topic is to find out a possible structure and/or criteria to implement also other types of groups that want to commit themselves to the Salvatorian vision of Blessed Francis Jordan. At this meeting also the leaders of the current three Salvatorian branches shared time with the commission to see how the work develops and give one or another input or remark.
Of course, furthermore, this meeting gave the opportunity for informal meetings to the representatives of the Generalates and some persons from several units.

ICDS Receives recognition from the Dicastery

Dear Salvatorian sisters and brothers,

We have reached a point after a long journey, or better said a very interesting journey, full of many ups and downs, with times not knowing how this journey will turn out, times of rejection and being sent back to the start again, and times of frustration and doubts. But there were also times filled with great moments of joy, new encouragement, and fresh enthusiasm – and the finest moment has reached us now at last. Our many prayers and thoughts, full of confidence and trust placed in God’s loving hands, have borne fruit and led us to the goal.

The Vatican’s Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life, has approved the draft of our statutes and grants recognition to the Community of the Divine Savior as an International Private Association of the Faithful, dotted with juridical personality in Canon Law.

We bring you this joyful news full of humility and gratitude. Our very special thanks go first to Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan and Blessed Mary of the Apostles, our spiritual leaders, and visionaries who have interceded for us. And then, of course, to all sisters and brothers, of the General Committee, of the leadership teams in the units, and all the other members of the Salvatorian Family, friends, and families who have supported us with their thoughts, ideas, visions, prayers, and encouragement. Without all your efforts, this moment would not have been possible. A big thank you and a bow to you all!

We are aware that this event will start a process of acceptance within your unit. We are also aware that some of you would have expected some different content in the document. Be assured that our greatest effort, carried with much patience, has guided us to this result. It was a huge learning curve for all involved and required common structures to become an internationally recognized association.

Let’s enjoy and be proud of the “common house” ICDS we now have. Now it’s up to us how cozy and friendly we make the “inside and our rooms”. Let us fill this house, the International Community of the Divine Savior, with life and joy. May the Holy Spirit be always present in it.

Yours very truly,

The General Committee of the ICDS

On the common path …

A group of the Lay Salvatorians in Austria met last Saturday for a spiritual walk through the landscape in the northeast of Austria. The start and endpoint was the little local church of Gaubitsch, the eldest in the surrounding with roots back to 1055.
With a prayer and a song, we started our walk. Seven stations invited us with text from the Holy Scripture to reflect a little bit on our personal path in life. The walk was a wonderful recreation after the last years affected by the CoVid-pandemic. Even if not all exchanges we can describe as “Holy words” there was to feel the Holy Spirit as a companion and opened again our common engagement in the Lay Salvatorian community. In our thought and prayers, we tried to take all the members of the Salvatorian family with us in this way and express our unity.
With thankfulness, we will think about this day for a long time, and may it inspire our acting in the coming future.

PS: We would appreciate reading about similar actions from other units because we recognized during the walking on our path that the communication between us in the international community needs an improvement again. So maybe you can see these lines as an invitation … Your comments and ideas are very welcome …


ICDS Pentecost message 2022


Pentecost message and reflection
The picture above shows the Pentecost scene; made by a Westphalian master around 1370-1380. It is part of the right wing of the altar of Osnabrück (Germany). Painted on oak wood.

USA Lay Salvatorian Convocation via Zoom

On April 30 and May 1, 2022, the USA lay Salvatorians met on Zoom for our Convocation which is held every three years. At this Convocation, reports were presented by the committees of the Lay Salvatorian National Board (LSNB) and the ICDS. Current ministries gave talks about their ministries, and proposals from the members (submitted beforehand) were discussed and voted on. The Convocation discussed and prioritized directions for the incoming LSNB. The incoming National Director, Bobby Pantuso, and the incoming LSNB were installed for a three-year term, 2022-2025. Mass was celebrated in the Western sector and live streamed for those unable to attend in person.

For the closing prayer, all Lay Salvatorians were commissioned to go forth and teach the goodness and kindness of The Savior.

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