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Category: spiritual impulse

ICDS Pentecost message 2022


Pentecost message and reflection
The picture above shows the Pentecost scene; made by a Westphalian master around 1370-1380. It is part of the right wing of the altar of Osnabrück (Germany). Painted on oak wood.

Annual retreat in Congo 2022

Last weekend, the lay Salvatorians in Congo gathered for a retreat. The theme was an overview of Salvatorian Spirituality, Charism, Identity as Lay Salvatorians, and Salvatorian Mission. For those who are interested, the presentation in French used for this purpose is available in the ICDS-Forum.
Fr. ANDRÉ KONGOLO preached on the theme, “the lay Salvatorian facing his promises”. Deogratias Kitoko, the unit coordinator, wrote, that it was a good and inspiring meeting.

Against each kind of war …

Maybe it’s not the right frame here for that but in light of the escalating current violence in Eastern Europe but also aware of the many small and bigger armed conflicts around our world with devastating effects on people and the environment, I would like to share this music video. It is intended to be thought-provoking and to invite a subsequent short prayer of one’s own choice for peace. War has always been the worst solution to any problem, and it usually leads to others. Actually, we should have learned that by now in our thousands of years of human history …
Let’s put down our weapons and let’s find better solutions in common for the future.