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Video message of the General Committee – Video mensaje del Comité General


Have a look at the video message of the General Committee on the occasion of the Beatification of Fr. Francis Jordan.




In case you have trouble following the subtitles here below these lines the whole text in English and Spanish.


Vea el video-mensaje del Comité General con motivo de la beatificación del P. Francisco Jordán.




En caso de que tengas problemas para seguir los subtítulos aquí debajo de estas líneas el texto completo en inglés y español.

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A few words on the passing of Fr. Paulus Blum SDS

I would like to write a few words here on the passing of Fr. Paulus Blum since unfortunately, no one from his Salvatorian Lay circle in Germany has done so so far. So I can only take some data from the official death letter and complete it with my own memories.

As a pastor, as a teacher, and as a musician, Fr. Paul proclaimed the Good News in such a way that it reached people in a wholesome way. For this, Fr. Paul worked and worked with all his strength. These words are to read at the beginning of the death announcing – an that is true.

I personally learned him to know about 30 years ago, first by exchanging letters and afterward by personal meetings. He was a kind of human who guided one soon into a comfortable and brotherly atmosphere, who tried to meet other ones on an equal level.

He was born in the area around the Bodensee and came there in contact with the Salvatorians, who attracted him to stay and become a priest. His big love was music and he studied it with graduation from the music academy of Stuttgart. Over a long time, he was a teacher for music and religion at the Gymnasium of Bad Wurzach. Through him, several generations of students have discovered music for themselves and have taken a serious look at the Christian faith. With the school choir, he set unforgettable musical highlights with musicals, singing plays, and church concerts. Until a year ago, Fr. Paul taught various instruments and especially the organ. Many women and men who play in the parishes Sunday after Sunday today not only learned the instrument from him but also found access to church music. Continue Reading

For the birthday of Mother Mary

Good morning on such a nice sunny day 🙂

186 years ago Mother Maria was born. A long time and yet her life radiates charism to this day – and still influences us.
She was a strong woman, who steadfastly seeked her way. That was certainly not easy for her at that time. She broke some conventions in her search for the right place in life. The repeated joining and leaving of several religious congregations were very courageous steps – facing the gossips of the people in the area was certainly not an easy way for her. And in a similar way also for her family, who also had to endure this chatter. Nevertheless, she was supported by them in her search, and they gave her strength and security.
For me, she is a role model for the unwavering quest to find the right path through life and not to worry too much about the gossip of others. Reflection and confirmation I receive in the conversation with God and our Salvatorian community, in which her work is still noticeable. It is our Salvatorian community that supports me and gives me the strength to seek and find my way. I hope you can experience this as well. Each of our paths is unique and different – but together we go into the same direction. In openness and tolerance for our different ways, we assist each other to make the love of God sensible for others.

Happy Birthday, dear Mother Mary!

CDS-Austria: Day of contemplation 2017

On Saturday December, 2 the groups of the austriaco Lay Salvatorians had their annual day of contemplation at the Salvatorian Sister‘s Province house in Vienna. The topic of the day was guided by the Father Jordan memorial year and turned around the question: the beatification of Fr. Jordan – what are the important things in his life for me?

In a small preparation at home in advance, each participant was invited to find some short lines, sentences, and keywords about his/her individual access to Fr. Jordan and the process of beatification. At the beginning session, each one had 3 minutes to present his/her thoughts. Afterwards, we filtered out the words or terms which were mentioned repeatedly and wrote them on a flipchart. With that, we went into small groups for more intensive discussion and exchange of thoughts.

Some sections of “minutes of quietness and prayer” as well as common sharing the food each one brought had brought with him, made up a spiritual day for body and soul with reach deepness and manifold meetings.

Thanks to the Lord for this wonderful experience.

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