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April 22: Earth day 2022

Despite the awareness that we have many seemingly more important problems, we must not ignore this year’s Earth Day. The importance of this day is also repeatedly underlined by Pope Francis, because whoever does not respect and persecute creation, also does not persecute and respect God. Even if the reading of the encyclical “Laudato si’ ” may be difficult for some, it is still important to deal with it, because we only have this one world and must also keep it habitable for future generations.

Reflecting on Earth Day, Cardinal Michael Czerny explains why the Church and Pope Francis care so greatly about the Earth, and laments “menacing failures” which make action to protect the environment “urgent.” See here the full article.

As Salvatorians, we have committed ourselves in the Salvatorian Charter to protect life as such and to work to make life abundant for all creatures. May this day always be a small reminder to us.


Aid support for Ukraine refugees by Salvatorians in Poland

We all know the heartbreaking images from the war in Ukraine. Most of the refugees or displaced persons went or are still going to Poland. The Lay Salvatorians and the Salvatorian sisters have established some aid support for these people and we have asked Sylwia Tempel a Lay Salvatorian from Poland to share some pieces of information about these aid initiatives with us:


On March 24th the Salvatorian Sisters at the provincial house received 8 refugees from Kharkov – parents with 5 children and one older woman. The building has been renovated and refurnished before the crisis, so the Sisters have dedicated it to the residential needs of refugees. Sister Adriana Kieloch SDS has been serving as a translator at the local administration level. Sister Adriana spent 14 years in Ukraine and understands not only the language but also the people. She serves at the municipal social service agency in helping refugees legally register their presence so that they can obtain proper identification as well as rights to employment, insurance benefits, and child support. Sister Adriana explained to me that it takes 30 minutes to register a single refugee. Photographs of the provincial house welcome can be found at the following link: Continue Reading

ICDS now on YouTube, too.

The General Committee has established its own ICDS YouTube channel to present videos about Salvatorian topics. At the moment there are some available already, some more will be to find there soon. The videos will be published in different languages and we try to add subtitles in other languages to the videos, too. In case you will not find your language, get into contact with us and we will send you a copy of the original text so you can translate it.

We would like to get some feedback and motivation from you because we are all learners and try to improve ourselves permanently.


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