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pdf-js_2016-12-06_10-12-54Very belated we got the message of the 25th Anniversary of the Italian Lay Salvatorians. They celebrated on 11 OCT 16, the traditional Salvatorian Feastday of the Mother of the Savior.  Several members of the three branches of the Salvatorian Family gathered at Monte Tabor outside of Rome. Fr. Raúl Gómez Ruiz, Vicar General, represented the Generalate and the Motherhouse community. The celebration included the Eucharist presided by Most Rev. Augusto Lojudice, Auxiliary Bishop of Rome, followed by a festive lunch. Congratulations and ad multos annos!


Salvatorian presence in Brazil: priests and brothers 120 years; Sisters 80 years; Lay-Salvatorians 30 years. Mission is our passion! We praise and give thanks to God the Savior for the value of the first missionaries and the first missionaries who initiated the Salvatorian Mission in Brazil.

Presença Salvatoriana no Brasil: Padres 120 anos, Irmãs 80 anos, leigos/as 30 anos. A Missão é nossa Paixão! Louvamos e agradecemos a Deus Salvador pela coragem das primeiras Missionárias e dos primeiros missionários que iniciaram a missão Salvatoriana no Brasil.


20161112_091100_800_x_600Thirteen members of the Lay Salvatorians of Austria met for a retreat day with following topics:

  • St. Martin of Tours – 1700 years anniversary – a short biography and report from a visitation of Tours (FR)
  • “When it is enough?” – Thoughts and discussion about the self-indulgence of today, which strategies could we use, to get out of the rat race.
  • “Time to thank” – for what do want to thank today.

It was a very spiritual event with good thoughts and talks.

img1_1024_x_768On Saturday 19 September 2016 the Laysalvatorians of Austria went for a pilgrimage with the motto “Laudato Si” according to the Encyclica of Pope Francis. Additionally, he recently incorporated the integrity of creation as the 8th work of mercy and proclaimed Sept 1 as the Creation’s World Day of prayer.

Together we went by train to a village located at the Danube River somewhere north-west of Vienna, our starting point. In front of the local church (unfortunately it was closed) we held the initial spiritual momentum with some statements from the encyclica and a song. Then we started our walk into the Wienerwald towards the destination of our pilgrimage, the Lourdes Cave of Maria Gugging. The first part of our path was steep up a hill through the wood but afterwards the path went over fields and through forested areas sometimes uphill sometimes downhill but not as steep as at the beginning. We made two stops for contemplation on the way. The final prayer we held at the Lourdes Cave. There our personal concerns and requests were offered to the Lord and Mother Mary in quietness and prayer. A public bus brought us back to the meeting point of the morning. It was a good day with many interesting interchanges of ideas, common prayer and lived Salvatorian community.



Image1With 3 Belgian Lay Salvatorians we went from May 24 to June 19, 2016 to the Congo. I visited Congo as a representative of the ICDS (→ International Committee of the Divine Sevior).

A delegation of fathers, sisters and lay people had picked us up at the airport. We drove to the ‘ Avenue Kinkondja, where we stayed at the fathers house. Once there, we got a pleasant surprise. The executive committee of the Salvatorian Laity of Lubumbashi cooked a nice meal to welcome us.
After an exuberant greeting, which indicated that they were pleased with our visit.

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13932959_1769305283328716_6317352571277369034_nThe Lay Salvatorians of Colombia had a big reason to celebrate a spectacular common event on the weekend of August 13th – 15th, 2016 – the 25th anniversary! The topic of the event was: “Memory, prophecy and identity, a challenge for Lay Salvatorians today.”

Here some original statements from postings on facebook to this event by Olga Hurtado:

  • Compartimos la alegría de los compromisos asumidos por mujeres valientes que optan por el seguimiento de Jesús en el carisma Salvatoriano, en ese selecto grupo se destacan dos integrantes de nuestra comunidad. Que Dios las acompañe siempre en esa decisión trascendental que han tomado.
  • Celebrando los 25 años con una espectacular fiesta. Gracias comunidades de Cartagena por su acogida, Elizabeth Taron Sonisabel Murcia Humberto DelRío Charo Milanes Evelia Porto Laureano Garcia Muentes Mary Garcia etc todos. Mil y mil gracias

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