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February 8: world prayer day

International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking + modern slavery


Many people of the world and the Catholic church are celebrating February 8 again. You remember why?

It’s the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita, who was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery in Sudan and Italy. Once Josephine was freed, she became a Canossian nun and dedicated her life to sharing her testament of deliverance from slavery and comforting the poor and suffering. She was declared a Saint in 2000 and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the International Union of Superiors General have designated February 8 as an annual day of prayer and awareness against human trafficking.

On February 8, Catholics all over the world are encouraged to host or attend prayer services to create greater awareness Continue Reading

Formation of Lay Salvatorian trainers in DR Congo

Our Salvatorian congregation is founded on the Knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, our Divine Savior (John 17:3: “And this is eternal life, that they know You, the True God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent..”) .
The International Community of the Divine Savior, ICDS in acronym, is young in its existence, alongside the two religious branches in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It lacks facilitators trained in Salvatorian fundamentals and leadership on group dynamics, a guarantee of their capacity to perpetuate the work of Blessed Francis JORDAN, founder of the congregation.
In order to guarantee the future of this branch of Lay Salvatorians in the DRC, the National Coordination in charge of training
is organizing a first session for the attention of members of the different coordinations.
The coordinators of coordination at all levels of our country naturally need this support in the exercise of their functions in order to make apostolic action and the Salvatorian mission effective. In view of the above, a training plan for lay Salvatorian leaders is essential. This training plan must be adapted to the realities on the ground to respond not only to the signs of the times but also to Salvatorian ideals,
the foundation of our existence and to the needs of the church.
For this reason, training to produce Salvatorian lay trainers was organized in two phases, namely:

  • Phase 1: from January 14 to 17, 2023 on Salvatorian fundamentals
  • Phase 2: from January 14 to 17, 2024 on some theological themes and also on educational practices

The one year gap allowed them to master the Salvatorian fundamentals and at the end of the second phase, they were sent on a mission for the expansion of our national unity. They were at 20 at the start to finish 17 in the second phase.

Provide the International Community of the Divine Savior of the DRC with facilitators trained and prepared to carry out their tasks.

This Training session has the theme: “lay Salvatorian, missionary beyond borders”

At the end of this training session, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare and implement a training meeting for other members
  • Prepare members for commitments based on Salvatorian fundamentals, prayer, lectio Divina and meditation.
  • To defend their Catholic faith and explain the meaning of the sacraments and sacramentals
  • To contextualize the gospel and the acts of the apostles after careful reading.
  • To put oneself at the center of creation to discover the Savior God
  • To understand and explain Salvatorian Universality.

Video about the pact of Blessed Francis Jordan


This video shares three perspectives from members of the Salvatorian Family on “The Pactum” of Blessed Francis Jordan. The Pactum is the covenant that Blessed Jordan made with God. It grounded him in his commitment to do God’s will in founding the apostolic mission of the Salvatorians. This video is to help viewers explore and reflect on their own personal pact with God.


Unfortunately, this video is spoken only in English. But fortunately, YouTube allows us to insert subtitles in your preferred language. Please read the following instructions:
  1. look for the black bar below the screen:
  2. simply go to the icon “CC” and click on it – you will see a red underline. 
  3. Then immediately click on the icon with the “Gear wheel”  and then you see “auto-translate” and click on it. Then you will see a list of languages – choose your language.

With this message, the General Committee of the ICDS wishes you all a blessed and enriching Foundation Day!

Catholic Church supports activities against climate change

Since the Encyclica Laudato sii at the latest, it has been clear that the Catholic Church is committed to preserving and protecting the environment. Pope Francis is making many efforts to encourage people to use the earth’s resources better and, in particular, more sustainably. Last but not least, the catastrophic effects of climate change should be a reminder to all.

The Vatican news portal “Vatican News1 has published some important information on the subject in recent days. Among other things, the Pope highlights the need for alliances that promote care for Creation and peace. 


1 The news are available in different languages – Las noticias están disponibles en varios idiomas