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13932959_1769305283328716_6317352571277369034_nThe Lay Salvatorians of Colombia had a big reason to celebrate a spectacular common event on the weekend of August 13th – 15th, 2016 – the 25th anniversary! The topic of the event was: “Memory, prophecy and identity, a challenge for Lay Salvatorians today.”

Here some original statements from postings on facebook to this event by Olga Hurtado:

  • Compartimos la alegría de los compromisos asumidos por mujeres valientes que optan por el seguimiento de Jesús en el carisma Salvatoriano, en ese selecto grupo se destacan dos integrantes de nuestra comunidad. Que Dios las acompañe siempre en esa decisión trascendental que han tomado.
  • Celebrando los 25 años con una espectacular fiesta. Gracias comunidades de Cartagena por su acogida, Elizabeth Taron Sonisabel Murcia Humberto DelRío Charo Milanes Evelia Porto Laureano Garcia Muentes Mary Garcia etc todos. Mil y mil gracias

Renewal of commitment of Lay Salvatorians

In the SDS-Newsletter of Philippine Region Issue 30 the following entry was to read:

Last June 18, 2016 was the renewal of Commitment of our Lay SDS namely Anna Liza Esguerra and Josephine Flores. This is another new beginning a commitment to live the words through their SDS Identity and Spirituality by their Mission. It was done within the Holy Mass presided over by Fr. Vara Prasad Rao, SDS. It was attended by the Sisters of the Divine Savior Community and the candidates for Lay SDS. The men and women who want to live their lives according to Gospel values and who share the apostolic mission and spirituality of the Salvatorians. They come together once a month for their formation. Fr. Jordan said, “Do not rest content until all know, love and serve Jesus as their Savior”.

The Lay Salvatorians Renewalists: Anna and Josie with Fr. Prasad, SDS; Sr. Alona, SDS & other Lay Salvatorians

The Lay Salvatorians Renewalists: Anna and Josie with Fr. Prasad, SDS; Sr. Alona, SDS & other Lay Salvatorians

A big THANK YOU to the Salvatorian brothers and sisters!


unit_letterRead here the letter to the units from our secretary →

English: Letter to units – June-en

Español: Letter to units – June-es

You will find all the documents addressed in the letter at the ICDS-forum under “basic texts” and “operating guidelines”. Don’t forget to register first, please, because otherwise you cannot download or read the pdf-files!!! The FAQ’s are available directly at the ICDS-homepage. – If you have some troubles with it, get in contact with your the responsible person of the unit leadership team, please.

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