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Fr. Mario Agudelo SDS was on a journey to some units in Asia and had the opportunity to meet also some Lay Salvatorians there. Here are two pictures of the Lay Salvatorians in Sri Lanka.

The first one shows us a new group of Salvatorian youth.

photo 1_(1024_x_768)

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The Lay Salvatorians of Europe gathered from June 19 -22, 2014 in Belgium. Lay Salvatorians from 7 units (countries) enjoyed this very nice days – shared time, ideas, visions, discussions and prayers together. See a small summary here>

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We light a candle
and enjoy the flickering light
the fragrance
and warmth it creates.
But without the spark that ignites
there will be no flame
Without the wax
the source of power
the wick will not burn
Without the flame
there will be no fragrance
no warmth, no light.
And so with us, Lord
You are the catalyst that ignites us
and the fuel that sustains us
You fill us with your fragrance
as you enter our lives.
You empower us
to carry your flame in our hearts
To be the fragrance, warmth
and light of your love
in this world

Each one is invited to be a burning candle in this world, but only a few are following this invitation. Come on – be one of them …



The Lord’s supper is for us Christians at the same time liberation and empowerment. In it we find peace with God and peace within the community, in the family, with friends and like-minded people. Here we can experience and learn forgiveness of our sins and celebrate the beginning of a new coming world. It’s transformation and mission in new tasks. And it’s gratitude to the one God, from whom we have everything, who loves us all and wants to be close to us.
But it is also a reminder to us what we have, what is entrusted to us and we would have to share with others .

Ash – dust – earth

The stuff of which we humans are:
in our dreams and illusions
but in our corporeal reality.

God says to Adam,
the man par excellence:
You are dust,
and to dust you will return.

Ash dust earth
a brittle material
crumbling transitory poor

The mirror,
which is held up to us on this day,
shows us our starting point:
the lost paradise.

The other one,
he is held up to us in each Holy Mass,
shows us our target point:
the promised paradise.

reminds us of our poverty and transience
and the cross reminds us,
that especially the poor and mortal man
is called to be
Son of God, Daughter of God.

So the time of ashes, of repentance
leads us
to life to hope to joy.

Wonders of the World
(–> en español véase más adelante)

It is Advent and we look at a school class somewhere in the middle of Europe. At the weekend there was a program on TV: “The Wonders of the World” and the teacher had asked the children to watch it if it were possible. Nearly all of them had followed the invitation and at school they talked intensively about the glory, immensity and wonder of what they had seen. Therefore the teacher asked the children to make a personal list of the items that impressed them most.

Only after a short time most of them had finished their list and the ranking was exratordinary:

The pyramids of Gizeh, Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, and so on.

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20130915_140854_(1024_x_768)Sunday, September 15th, 2013 the Salvatorian Laity of Bad Wurzach celebrated their 20th anniversary. Together with my wife Martina and Josef Bader, both also Lay Salvatorians from Austria, I visited our brothers and sisters in South Germany. It was a more or less long journey by car, because the weather was not amusing. On the other hand we had enough time for good conversations.

We arrived already on Saturday and Albrecht Klein had booked rooms for us in a seminar house in Leutkirch, a town near Bad Wurzach. On Sunday the festivities started with a festive holy mass in the town church St. Verena. Auxiliary bishop Renz celebrated the mass and many known Salvatorians participated.

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Fathers, brothers, sisters and lay Salvatorian celebrate together.


by Marika Schermann