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Annual retreat in Congo 2022

Last weekend, the lay Salvatorians in Congo gathered for a retreat. The theme was an overview of Salvatorian Spirituality, Charism, Identity as Lay Salvatorians, and Salvatorian Mission. For those who are interested, the presentation in French used for this purpose is available in the ICDS-Forum.
Fr. ANDRÉ KONGOLO preached on the theme, “the lay Salvatorian facing his promises”. Deogratias Kitoko, the unit coordinator, wrote, that it was a good and inspiring meeting.

Salvatorian Family: JPIC International Online-Meetings

An invitation to all Salvatorian Family members

At the end of July, an important step in the cooperation of the Salvatorian Family will take place and needs your support and possible attendance. A three days online conference is planned covering different topics and we invite you to sign in for it. The conferences respect as good as possible the different time zones of each unit. It would be a good sign to be present at least in one of it to show our all Salvatorian unity and close mutual relationship of the three Salvatorian branches. Furthermore, the topics of the conference are of importance for our worldwide Salvatorian mission of today. Each Salvatorian unit is part of the whole and gets in touch with these topics. The international Salvatorian Commission for Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) made a prophetic commitment at their last assembly: “To realize and awaken the awareness of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, and to respond to the calls of the Gospel of Jesus the Saviour, in defence of human dignity, which recreates fraternity, promoting more respect for all divine creation”.

We can see the effects of the imbalance of these concerns all over the world. Whether it is access to clean water or air to breathe, the equitable distribution and payment of raw materials, supply chains, intermediary trade, labour exploitation and migration, or the many armed conflicts with global implications. We all also need to become more and more aware of man-made climate change with its catastrophic effects – and every one of us can do our part to prevent this world from plunging into the abyss. The world would have enough resources for all of us, but it does not have enough to satisfy our greed!

We are called to make our contribution to the preservation of creation. God gave us this world to live in and to keep it, but not to exploit and sell it.


Sign up to the email contacts on the posters to get the access data, please. We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

Stay well. God bless you.


Video message of the General Committee – Video mensaje del Comité General


Have a look at the video message of the General Committee on the occasion of the Beatification of Fr. Francis Jordan.




In case you have trouble following the subtitles here below these lines the whole text in English and Spanish.


Vea el video-mensaje del Comité General con motivo de la beatificación del P. Francisco Jordán.




En caso de que tengas problemas para seguir los subtítulos aquí debajo de estas líneas el texto completo en inglés y español.

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Beatification celebrations life-stream transmission

Beatification celebrations life-stream transmission

Next weekend the beatification ceremonies of Fr. Francis will take place in Rome. So that even all Lay Salvatorians have the opportunity to be present at these important moments of the Salvatorian Family, a lifestream transmission via the Internet will be established. Find the necessary information below in your language.


Celebraciones de la beatificación transmisión de la corriente vital

El próximo fin de semana tendrá lugar en Roma la ceremonia de beatificación del P. Francisco. Para que también todos los laicos salvatorianos tengan la oportunidad de estar presentes en estos importantes momentos de la Familia Salvatoriana, se establecerá una transmisión en vivo vía Internet. A continuación encontrará la información necesaria en su idioma.





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