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Fr. Agustín Van Baelen SDS, the General Secretary of the Society of the Divine Savior has prepared a prayer for these days of the CoVid 19 Pandemic. The prayer is in several languages available.

El P. Agustín Van Baelen SDS, Secretario General de la Sociedad del Divino Salvador ha preparado una oración para estos días de la Pandemia CoVid 19. La oración está disponible en varios idiomas.



Dio della Salvezza,
ci rivolgiamo a te con una preghiera per invocare protezione e guarigione
in questo tempo in cui il Coronavirus si sta diffondendo.
Aiuta coloro che sono ammalati.
Concedi pazienza a tutti coloro che vivono in quarantena.
Dá forza a tutti coloro che si prendono cura degli altri.
Ispiri gli scienziati nella loro ricerca.
Rafforza tra noi il senso dello stare insieme,
fa in modo che nessuno sia abbandonato.
Lascia che tutti si sentano al sicuro
insieme a Te che sei la Compassione.
Per intercessione della Beata Maria degli Apostoli
e P. Francesco Jordan,
Ti ringraziamo, Dio presente e fedele,
che vivi e ami nei secoli dei secoli.

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A new letter of inspiration and motivation got published at the ICDS Spiritual Blog. Don’t miss to read it, but be careful, it could inspire and motivate you!

Se publicó una nueva carta de inspiración y motivación en el Blog espiritual de ICDS. No te pierdas de leerlo, pero ten cuidado, ¡podría inspirarte y motivarte!

Ein neuer Brief der Inspiration und Motivation wurde im spirituellen Blog der ICDS veröffentlicht. Versäumen Sie nicht, ihn zu lesen, aber seien Sie vorsichtig, er könnte Sie inspirieren und motivieren!


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Since today the actual issue of the

ICDS prayer chain

is online and you can find it with the link above. Enjoy, support and share it with other Lay Salvatorians around you, please.

If you have a concern for that you think it’s a need to be prayed,
don’t hesitate to tell us with a comment or a prayer request!

Click here, if you have a request!

Let’s pray in common for our concerns.

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Día de San Valentín se celebra en muchos cOUNTRIES en febrero, 14Dic. Especialmente desde el lado Anglicana, el día de hoy se ha puesto muy de moda y trae buenas ventas para los vendedores de flores y dulces. Es una celebración de “amor”, que se expresa a través de pequeños regalos a nuestros seres queridos. Sólo una celebración comercial o podría haber más ocultos aquí?

If you browse through the story, the tradition1 tells of two Valentines and distinguishes and mixes them at the same time. On the one hand, there is a Valentine of Terni and on the other hand a Valentine of Rome. But perhaps it is also one and the same person. Valentine of Rome is said to have married lovers according to the Christian rite as a simple priest, despite the prohibition by Emperor Claudius II, and was executed on February 14, 269. Valentin also gave flowers from his garden to the newly married couples. Continue reading

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Many people of the world and the Catholic church are celebrating February 8 again. You remember why?

It’s the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita, who was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery in Sudan and Italy. Once Josephine was freed, she became a Canossian nun and dedicated her life to sharing her testament of deliverance from slavery and comforting the poor and suffering. She was declared a Saint in 2000 and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the International Union of Superiors General have designated February 8 as an annual day of prayer and awareness against human trafficking.

On February 8, Catholics all over the world are encouraged to host or attend prayer services to create greater awareness Continue reading

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