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Merry Christmas from the General Committee – Feliz Navidad de parte del Comité General

In this year the Corona Pandemic changed the life path of many people. According to that reason we will not share a Christmas tale as we did like a tradition over years now. Maybe next year we will do it again. But this completely different year invited us to a thought over the place where Jesus became born and what could be the hidden meaning behind. Maybe this words and thoughts are of interest for you …

Thoughts about Christmas 2020 CuePensamientos sobre la Navidad de 2020 Réflexions sur Noël 2020 Gedachten over Kerstmis 2020 Gedanken zu Weihnachten 2020
Myśli o Bożym Narodzeniu 2020        

Dear sisters and brothers,

let us take a minute or two on this Holy Evening to remind ourselves on those Salvatorian sisters and brothers of all three branches
who have passed away since Christmas last year.

May they rest in peace and forgiveness.

Merry Christmas from the General Committee

This painting is connected with our Christmas tale of this year. See more about this painting “The Mystical Nativity” here in English and read here our CHRISTMAS TALE.

Esta pintura se conecta con nuestro cuento de la Navidad de este año. Vea más sobre esta pintura aquí en español “Natividad mística” y lea aquí nuestro CUENTO de la NAVIDAD. Continue Reading

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