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Jesus himself washes the feet of his disciples and invites us to humble service to our fellowmen:

“When I, your Lord and your master, have washed your feet, you should also wash each other’s feet. I have set an example; what I have done for you, you should also do” (John 13, 14-15).


We feel the same as the apostles

who could sit as friends at the table with Jesus for the last time.

We want to come together because it was Jesus’ last will.

Because Jesus asked

as a mother on her deathbed asks her children:

“Promise me you’ll keep coming together,

even when I’m gone. “

Even though we can’t get together today

we feel a strong connection,

to reminisce and make plans for the future.

We bring glory to God

in connection with the whole world

When the bread was shared,

the disciples went with Jesus to the Gethsemane

Jesus went to pray

and he asked his friends to watch and pray.

They fell asleep up to three times

We want to make it quiet and dark

we want to watch and pray with Jesus tonight,

we want to watch and pray in the face of suffering

in our own world and in our own life,

in suffering in the big world.

We want to watch and pray

because we know that God listens to us

for his love is greater than we can imagine.


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