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Jesus set an example of His faithfulness and love to the utmost, even if it costs Him His life.


You, from a distant land, stranded in a rusty boat;

You, lynched or shot down in the intifada;

You, child soldier with a desire to murder in your eyes;

You, man or woman, robbed and raped by the soldiers;

You, under your small tent in the refugee camp;

You fearful in that cold truck to the promised England;

You, in the hopeless line, waiting for asylum;

You, hopeless or discriminated because of your race or color;

You, in your backroom full of loneliness and shortcoming;

You, in your sickbed, yearning for the end or a new beginning;

You in mourning and in sorrow heavier than the sand;

You, delayed and written off, run away and discarded;

You have been pilloried and vomited out;

You have been mocked, scourged, and maimed with thorns;

You undressed, stripped of humanity, crucified;

You, crying in the dark like the slaughtered lamb;

You, about the ninth hour

going with the death in each of us,

so that we might live.



Forgive it, God,

sometimes we humans still don’t know what we are doing.

Give us the courage to face the problems

and do our part to address them.


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