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ICDS Safeguarding policy

1.1. Purpose

The International Community of the Divine Savior (ICDS) is an association of the faithful and denounces therefore, and works against of all forms of violence, both physical and mental according. We seek to collaborate with those involved in promoting truth, justice and the defense of life, making a preferential option for the poor and for those whose humanity and dignity are not recognized.1 Following this path we watch on the right of children and the protection of vulnerable adults , regardless of gender, race, culture and disability. The ICDS recognizes the power dynamics inherent in working with children and vulnerable adults and the potential for abuse and exploitation by staff of people we work with.

The ICDS is committed to creating and maintaining an environment which promotes its core values and prevents abuse and exploitation of all people. All ICDS members are expected to uphold the dignity of all people with whom they come into contact by ensuring that their personal and professional conduct is of the highest standards at all times. They are equally expected to serve with integrity and promote the right relationships while taking their responsibilities.

The ICDS recognizes the unique needs of children and vulnerable persons and, therefore, commits itself to creating and maintaining an environment that protects these individuals.

1.2. Scope

This policy applies directly to the following categories:

  1. All ICDS General Committee members and associates

  2. Those deployed through ICDS mandated support mechanisms

  3. Members and staff of the units

The General Committee will support members when needed as far as possible.

1.3. Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults

ICDS prohibits all forms of exploitation and abuse, namely:

ICDS members and staff are prohibited from engaging in sexual activity with children (persons under the age of 18, regardless of the age of majority or age of consent locally). Mistaken belief regarding the age of a child is not a defense.

ICDS members and staff are prohibited from causing any physical or emotional harm to children or vulnerable adults.

ICDS members and staff are prohibited from the exchange of money, employment, goods, or services for sex, including sexual favors.

ICDS members and staff are prohibited from any form of humiliating, degrading, or exploitative behavior toward children, women, and vulnerable adults.

ICDS members and staff are not to use their power or position to withhold assistance or services, or to give preferential treatment.

ICDS members and staff are prohibited from using their power or position to request or demand payment, privilege, or any other benefit.

ICDS members and staff are prohibited from engaging in trafficking in human beings, in all forms.

In the same spirit, ICDS members and staff are strongly discouraged to engage in sexual relationships with people they work with since they are based on inherently unequal power dynamics. Such relationships are contrary to ICDS principles and values and undermine the credibility and integrity of its work.

1.4. Responsibility to report

ICDS members and staff are obliged to report any concern or suspicion of exploitation and abuse of a child or vulnerable adult. Failure to report may put the victim and ICDS at risk and is a breach of this Safeguarding Policy.

ICDS members and staff should report concerns by staff or members from other non‐member organizations or bodies through established reporting mechanisms.

A safeguarding coordinator is to establish in each unit and on the international level.

1.5 Prevention

The ICDS is adhering to the highest human resource and recruitment standards to safeguard people we work with against exploitation and abuse. This includes:

  • Safe recruitment – vetting prospective applicants with emphasis on impeccable in carrying out their previous life in conformity with the fundamental values of the ICDS.

  • Induction – all members and staff have completed an introduction on the ICDS Complaints and Handling Policy and Procedures, ICDS Minors and Vulnerable Person Safeguarding Policy and Standards of Behavior Toward Children and Glossary of Terms.
    An obligatory training
    on this issue must take place every third year.

  • Acknowledgment – all members and staff have read, understood and signed the Minors and Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy.

1.6 Data protection

The ICDS is committed to apply the highest levels of protection in the processing of personal data. Personal information acquired during investigations related to the breach of the ICDS Minors and Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy will be treated in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data.


Approved by the ICDS General Committee on February, 4th, 2021.



Annex I Glossary of Terms

Annex II Standards of behavior towards children

Annex III Acknowledgment form

Annex IV – Report form

Annex V – reporting procedure

1 see the Salvatorian Charter: OUR MISSION 8. b.

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