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Welcome to our Lay Salvatorian prayer chain. We invite you to take part of it and share together our requests, thanks and prayers.

We encourage you to send a prayer to share with the ICDS around the world, please do so in your native language; our goal is to have each month one or two shared prayers and then member’s intentions from around the world.
Contact the Lay Salvatorian secretary of your unit for help!

How to put in a request, a thank or share your prayer

If you would like to request a prayer of thanksgiving or petition, please go to NEW PRAYER REQUEST and write your request as comment there.

Or send your personal prayers of praise, petition (request), or thanksgiving; we also welcome you to share a favorite prayer you have found to be beneficial in your prayer life. Please send an email to

Christian Patzl or Sabin Ormaza

Please keep us updated about the request, if after two months we do not hear any update, we will assume the prayer has been answered.

New entries at the issues will be done in blue.

At PRAYER BOOK you can fill in a prayer which one you like to pray and to share with us. We are trying to collect these prayers for a common Lay Salvatorian prayer book.

A meeting with God

The design of the page is inspired from the text in 1 Kings 19,1 – 13. It is the story from Elijh in the dessert and on the Horeb mountain. He was overwhelmed by life and he fled into the dessert and wished to die. After forty days of wandering in the desert, he reached a cave where he hides. And then, it is said, Elijah saw a violent storm – but God was not in the storm, then an earthquake – but God was not in the earthquake, and then came a mighty fire – but also God was not in the fire. Finally, Elijah heard a still small voice of the wind and God knew God was in the breeze.

We also have a need for such a place to be very closed to God – to release all our fears and focus on the one and only, God.

Therefore a picture of a cave is behind and darkness around.

A remark about the possibility of translation and request for your assistance

You can use the translator you see above in the left column on the side. The translator is teachable! Please if you find a part of the translated text is not really used in your daily language, correct it. This will help all of us. Many thanks!

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