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Prayer book


I love this prayer- and like to share it …

We try to collect prayers and short reflections from all units for a Salvatorian prayer book – and we hope and invite you about your support. If you have one what you like or you think this is a good or importatnt one, so write it down here, please.

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5 thoughts on “Prayer book

  1. Marc L.

    Dear and dear fellow Christians!

    Please all pray for me for healing and health, because I suffer from diabetes and heart disease.

    Many Thanks!!!

    God's blessing, best regards and all the best.

    Marc L.

  2. Sabin

    Lord Jesus Christ. You called Father Jordan, to meet men and women in Salvatorian communities to make known, according to the apostles, the one true God and to You, his beloved Son..
    Give us your Spirit to fill the world with goodness and tenderness that the Father manifested in You.
    Savior of the world, grant us the prompt Beatification of your servant , Father Jordan, for our joy and glory of Your name.

  3. Sabin

    Jesus, Savior of the world, You invite us all to the path of holiness.
    Grant me the faith and spirit of dedication that characterized your servant Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan.
    Through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Apostles, I ask you to continue growing in humility and an interest in getting bigger, to live and proclaim Your word, by all means your love inspires me.
    My prayer is strengthened by Thy grace, such that, I also may be able to transform pain into joy, and apathy in apostolic zeal, knowing that the great works, always grow in the shadow of Your cross.
    By the intercession of your servant Francis Mary of the Cross, te pido me concedas la siguiente gracia…;..(Hence the request to add staff)…;provided it is for your greater glory and represents a real well for me.

  4. Kathi

    Thank you for this very comforting and hopeful prayer!
    The Lord be thanked, I do not necessarily need at the moment this prayer. But it is good, a prayer for difficult situations to have, which helps one, themselves or others up again.
    Thank you

  5. Christian

    Lord, I step in front of you, just as I am,
    I step in front of you, sad and depressed,
    you transform my load in joy and smiles,
    I step in front of you, exhausted and upset,
    you transform my load in peace and quiet,
    I step in front of you, afraid and guilty,
    you transform in my load in courage and freedom,
    I step in front of you, alone and abandoned,
    you transform my load in friendship and love,
    I step in front of you, searching and questioning,
    you transform my load in replying and understanding,
    I step in front of you, just as I am,
    you let me be what I am and I feel that you love me.

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