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Place your personal request, your thank or prayer for the next issue here, by leaving a reply, please.

Post your prayer needs below and we will make sure to pray with you and for you. Tell your friends and help us grow this prayer effort because as it says in the bible “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” -Matthew 18:20.

God be with you and bless you.


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9 Responses to My prayer request

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    Hoy quiero pedir a mis amigos una oración especial por Doña Gabriela, que el señor la fortalezca en este momento crítico para su salud. Y fortalezca a toda la familia, Ilumine y guíe a los médicos para que tomen las mejores decisiones.

    We want to ask you all to pray for the health of Livia’s Mother (Gabriela), Colombian lay Salvatorian

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    so be it Amen

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    O Lord,
    We mourn the death and destruction in Ecuador,
    we want to pray for those who died in this recent disaster.
    Be with the involved families in these heavy hours
    and give them comfort.

    We want to pray for the living survivors.
    Be with them, Lord, in this traumatic time.
    May they experience Your healing,
    In their spirits as well as their bodies.

    We want to pray for the communities affected.
    May they come together in solidarity and Christian charity
    To rebuild and to affirm new life
    Amid the destroyed stones.

    O Lord, be closed to them.

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    dear sir’s
    jun 16 – 2016
    dear lays
    we ask you for prayers on behalf of our relative who becom very sic ” cancer ”
    his name is BASSEM from Nazareth , he is marred has a nice famely boys and girls
    about 45 years old when i did see him last week i said to my self just prayers support him ,

    OUR LORD JESUS , HOLY FAMELY OF NAZARETH we need your mercy for bassem and his famely
    may you be the hand of the cergent at the hospetal , please lord your word , your think of him , your tuch save him of that cancer get him back home safe and healthy to hisfamely , just if it is good for him , let it be your will as you want
    thank you for every thing .

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    For the mother and the family of a Lay Salvatorian brother in VE, who will need your closeness o Lord very much in the coming days!

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    I ask prayer for the Father Marcin Pawell SDS, that God will bless you in your walk in his new assignment in his country and to realize the projects have for him and having him personally. Jesús salvador of men, sálvalos, sálvalos.

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    Please pray for me to have a successful operation on 12thJanuary 2017 and make a full recovery
    Thank you Father Jordan for taking care of me

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    Many thanks for all your prayers and best wishes.
    I am pleased to inform you that my operation was a success and now in a period of recovery with further treatment to come keep me in your parayers

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    We ask for prayers for all Australian Lay Salvatorians as they work tirelessly towards increasing their numbers especially in the Eastern States.
    We ask for prayers for Samantha and Flavia as they prepare to make their commitment to the Lay Salvatorians

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