Lord – silence wraps around me on that early morning
Only the song of the birds and the church’s morning bells can be heard.
Thank you have given me this day.
The silence makes me anxious and thoughtful.
How quiet it is here
and how many people have no peace at this very moment.
Living in fear and persecution,
fear the next attack,
the next impact of a projectile
How many fear this day,
fear the renewed exertions,
the work – which brings too little or no pay,
to live from it.
The stress with some supervisor or masters,
that surely comes today again
and the agony of the often invisible chains,
the one take the air we breathe.
Concern for friends and relatives,
which are close in reality but yet seem as far away
or are far away and yet seem so close,
the anger or sorrow – which touches us unprepared .

You create every moment new
and no one comes ever back in the same way again

That you are in and with me
that makes me happy
And maybe I can give forward this little happiness as a gift
someone who needs it that day
Let me be in your charge – o Lord

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