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Let us pray in common

We, the General Committee of the ICDS, ask all the Lay Salvatorians over the world to enclose the following requests in their prayer and to build a prayer chain over the world for



  • for Pope Francis, that the Holy Spirit will give him the power to fulfill his mission for the renewing of our church – and may God preserve him healthy.
  • for the recognition of a miracle for the Holy See to review and accept for the beatification of Fr. Jordan, founder of the Salvatorians.
  • for the successful work of General Committee on the ICDS statutes and process of recognition at the Dicastery for laity, family and life.
  • for the successful outcome from the Dicastery for laity, family and life, granting us the approval of our statutes and recognition as the International Community of the Divine Savior.
  • for the members of the General Committee, that they find ways and a speech to encourage and motivate all Lay Salvatorians of the world, that each one carries his part of effort of the development of the Salvatorian family and so the project gets on.
    Give them the grace to be apostles, and to find always answers to the complex challenges of our time.
  • for the members of the ICDS commissions, that the Holy Spirit may inspire them in their work for a good development of the organization
  • for all Lay Salvatorians that they recognize and/or discover (again) and follow their special vocation and to develop one’s own identity.

and especially for



  • for the responsible of government and economy that they change their goals in the relationships to African states to give the people new perspectives and ensure their livelihoods to end slavery and migration.
  • for refugees who take incredible exertions to escape the terrible conditions in their homeland.
  • for the refugee children along their trip to and through Europe. Let them find good people who alleviate their most suffering and give them healthy and secure accommodation.
  • for the refugee women that they find areas of respect and security on their trip.
  • for the people of Europe, that they open their hearts for those people who are seeking help.
  • for the people of Europe that they understand that no one leaves his home just for fun and moves into an uncertain future.
  • for all concerned, that they recognize the great challenge as a great opportunity for a better future.
  • for the people of Europe that they are not be tempted by right-wing populists and profiteers, who only have the destruction of society in mind.
  • for refugees who became victims of traffickers or get forced into modern slavery.



  • for a full recovery of a Lay Salvatorian. Father Jordan take care of him, please.



  • for a friend of a Lay Salvatorian, who is suffering on cancer. O Lord, take this family in your arms in this very difficult phase of their life, please.




  • for the responsible of government- that they recognize that they can not govern without or against the people.
  • for a political renewal which target a common future in freedom and peace.
  • for the people, so they find paths out of the spiral of violence and corruption.
  • for those who are in a hopeless situation.
  • for those who have no other prospects in life, as violence and guns
  • for those who defend life, peace and justice



  • for all members of the Salvatorian family who are suffering on and touched by the effects of the battle conflicts in some regions.




  • for the Lay Salvatorians – may they recognize and live their vocation despite all difficulties.




  • for each person who is suffering on the violence, hatred and apathy.
  • for them who were injured – for those who were injured by the consequences of war – for those who had to leave relatives and friends
    Give them peace and an open heart so that forgiveness and reconciliation is possible. Only forgiveness is the gate for a new start in a new life in Justice and Peace.
  • for Christian unity in its diversity – Catholics, Eastern Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant
    among themselves, that they may live as credible testimony supporting the Good News
  • against the sadness and hopelessness – and for new perspectives.
  • for to build up new houses and utility installations for the people
  • and easy for PEACE …!


Middle East Region

  • for all children who are victims of violence and battles in this region. O Lord, give all of us more the wisdom how we all harm them – through our apathy, mental displacement, lethargy, helplessness …
  • for justice and peace, acceptance and mutual tolerance in the region.
  • for respect of other religions and their members
  • for the end of the civil war in Syria and Iraq and especially all refugees – and all people who hope on freedom and have an interest in the end of the battles
  • for the displaced persons and refugees, give them a safe new home and bring the families and friends back together
  • for all the children in the countries, that they learn to live together in freedom and respect with others.
  • let us start to dream from a region without bombs and weapons, where love and respect are high values again.



  • for a Salvatorian Sister, who is suffering on cancer. O Lord give her power and bless her, please.




  • for the development of the Salvatorian Family



The forgotten conflicts and grievances out of our focus

  • for all the people who are suffering on armed conflicts over the globe which are out of our focus at the moment.
  • for those who are suffering under inhibition, persecution, slavery and all kinds of barbarity.
  • for all people who have to flee their homes give them a new one, please.
  • orf those who have a difficult road ahead of them or are on this at the moment – be with them, please.
  • for those in the so called rich countries – give them a heart and the joy of sharing.



The unknown persons

  • for those, which are in your hearts, – which should be on this prayer chain,
    but do not have the knowing or the possibility to be there.
  • for all the unknown neighbors.


  • for those, which are supporting the help for the refugees and give them a home – everywhere!
  • for those, which are including other people in their prayers – people, which are never known and seen before.
  • for those, which are thinking one time on unknown others and recognize them as their sisters and brothers.
  • Thanks for that service for your unknown neighbor. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts, thanks for the compassion – may God have it credited!

Over the world

  • for all members of the Salvatorian family, that they recognize more the richness of this community and feel home there as brothers and sisters.
  • for the improvement of our communication and mutual support across the borderlines of our groups/units/countries.
  • for engaged Lay Salvatorians which will more involved themselves in the prayer chain and move and develop forward this idea
  • for the developing of the groups of Lay Salvatorians and that we confess our faith in the Divine Savior – whether convenient or not!
  • for all men and women that they discover their common in their diversity and learn to meet each other on equal level!
  • for those who think they are lost or forgotten.
  • Lord, make our church again to a place of home, a place of interest and joy, a place of freedom and justice!
  • for the responsible politicians of our nations. Give them the wisdom, that immigrants are often the result of a failed economic politic, war and battled conflicts – and/or non perspectives of life for the people in their homeland. We all could work against this atrocious conditions – if we really want it to do.
  • that we learn to share the goods of this world more and furthermore each one recognizes that money is not the sense of our life! There is more, much more …
  • Oh Lord, send us called, which assist us in our tasks and help us to invite young people.

Let’s invite you to Monday evening prayer for peace over the world.

Probably- you know the difficulties and inhuman situations of war, crime, intolerance, violence and terror in several countries like Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, Venezuela, and so on. What can we as easy people do?

We come together as possible on each Monday evening over the world for a prayer for justice and peace – if in chapels, churches, on the street, at your work or at home – where ever you are. You are not alone, there are more people with you in prayer as you can imagine. Invite family members, friends, neighbors, or someone you know and /or who could be interested and follow this idea. Spend a time of prayer and quietness together and ask the Lord to give peace in all hearts and minds, which are longing for it. Especially for the children, families and civilians, but also for those soldiers and combatants, which are not of their own will in the battles, but were forced to fight by others.

Even if you’re only a minute in short prayer or intense thoughts here, you are living the communion with God for peace! – Peace is always possible if someone dares the first step. Maybe this prayer can remind us to start it with this easy first step!

The world needs your prayer – especially in the month of the Queen

A prayer for this month

Let’s pray to God for everything we keep in our heart and especially…

We pray for people with strong shoulders,
that they help carry the worries of today,
that they support those who feel pain.
Let us pray…

We pray for people with attentive ears,
that they hear the voice of everybody’s heart,
that they recognize the needs of their fellow human beings.
Let us pray…

We pray for people with radiant eyes,
that they continue to discover the beauty in creation,
that they may meet the Lord in those who are near them.
Let us pray…

We pray for people with open hands,
that they receive what people trust in them,
that they share in their abundance.
Let us pray…

We pray for people with a smile,
that they encourage those who keep silent along the road.
Let us pray…

We pray for people with a throbbing heart,
that their heart is Iarge enough for those who want a shelter,
that their heart is large enough for those who want a shelter.
Let us pray…

Finally, we pray for all people who cannot be present today,
People with strong shoulders, attentive ears,
radiant eyes, open hands, a smile and a beating heart,
because they milde our community to what it is today.
Let us pray…

Dear God, listen to our prayers, show us your faithful love,
which you formed in Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord. Amen.


Ahora levantemos el corazön para orar a Dios…

Oremos por aquellos con fuertes hombros,
para que ayuden a soportar las preocupaciones
de hoy y que apoyen los que sufren.

Oremos por aquellos con oidos atentos,
para que oigan la Ilamada de cada corazön,
y reconozcan las necesidades del pröjimo.

Oremos por aquellos con ojos radiantes,
para que continüen descubriendo la belleza en la naturaleza,
y encuentren al Sefior en Ios que estän cerca de ellos.

Oremos por aquellos con manos abiertas,
Oremos por aquellos con manos abiertas,
para que reciban lo que Ios demäs les confian,
y compartan lo que les sobra.

Oremos por aquellos que sonrien,
para que animen a los que se sientan al borde del camino

Oremos por aquellos cuyo corazön late
para que su corazön sea bastante amplio
para acoger a los que buscan consuelo.

Finalmente oremos por todos los
que hoy ya no estän,
aquellos con hombros muy fuertes, con oidos atentos,
con ojos radiantes, con manos abiertas, con sonrisas,
con corazon que laten, porque ellos tambien han hecho la Iglesia,
ellos tambien han sido soporte de esta comunidad.

Buen Dios, escucha nuestras oraciones,
muestranos tu amor fiel, al que diste cuerpo en Jesucristo,
tu hijo y nuestro Sefior. Amen.




The loving god is on the way with you, particularly in the moments,
where you need him special.

If you have a concern for that you think it’s a need to be prayed, don’t hesitate to tell us with a comment or a prayer request → go to “prayer request” left above, please.

Each contribution to this prayer chain is always welcome!

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