The beautiful week with many wonderful talks, intensive discussions, the sharing of our Salvatorian faith, spirit, and charism is gone. Quietness is back in the halls and rooms of the school in Hamont. Where are the laughs, the different voices, the songs, the prayers?
We take it home to our sisters and brothers in our units and will try to inspire, encourage and motivate them in the Salvatorian spirit.
Many tasks and challenges are on the path in front of us. But guided by the Holy Spirit, and by mutual strengthening, we will reach our common target:

“…that ALL should know you, the only true God,

and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ”

John 17,3


Many thanks and blessing to all, who made these beautiful days, this beautiful event possible. A reminder to the participants to sign up in our forum to the current workgroups and invite others into cooperation. Other workgroups, in addition, could be possible to establish if needed, so be prepared, please.
Let’s form one body of Lay Salvatorians all over the world. This target we only can achieve if we stay strong together and focus on this important target.

Rita and I leave as the last ones from Hamont now. So bye bye Hamont, this week will be in our hearts forever.

Greetings, blessings and be God be with you on all your paths.


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