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Salvatorian Family

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30 Hace años, en mayo 14 – 19, 1990, un grupo internacional mixto de padres salvatorianos, hermanas y laicos se reunieron en Roma por primera vez para discutir la posibilidad real de establecer la Familia Salvatoriana. Ya había algunas unidades con formas locales de un “Salvatorian Family” grupo, pero estos no estaban en todas partes y no existían a nivel internacional. sigue leyendo

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La Familia Salvatoriana de Colombia realizó su primera asamblea y dio un fuerte signo de vida. La Familia Salvatoriana de Colombia realizó su primera asamblea y dio un fuerte signo de vida. Se elaboró ​​una declaración que nos llamaba saber incluso algunas cosas más interesantes para el futuro.

Declaración de la Familia Salvatoriana Colombiana 2018

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How quick the time goes by … St. Valentine’s is on the calendar again. You know already that we started in the last years some communication impulse within the ICDS = Lay Salvatorians worldwide community. – Yes? – No?

However – the most of you know that people of many countries celebrate the feast of St. Valentine on February 14th. It’s often not a day of vacation but many persons give presents of love to others who are in their hearts. The legend behind you can read on Wikipedia in several languages.

Maybe someone will say now, St. Valentine’s is not a Salvatorian feast – that’s right, in the first view. But if you read in the lines of Fr. Jordans diary and also in his chapter speeches you will find something like that:

“Treat your neighbors with the same love as if he were Christ himself.”

And not at least with that

“Others will be attracted to join in our community,
if they see how love reigns here.”

the universal call to LOVE to your next and especially to the sisters and brothers within the own Salvatorian community is to recognize. Therfore feel invited to set a sign of mutual love on this day to your Lay Salvatorian sisters and brothers. The General Committee of the ICDS took this date to improve our worldwide communication. We invite all Lay Salvatorians and certainly all members of the Salvatorian family to participate in this action of brotherly/sisterly friendship and love.

What to do? – Send a short message to someone you know in the Salvatorian family. Or much better be to someone you have only an address, but do not be in constant contact – e.g. someone from another continent. Give a little “hello from …” and include in the message a line or verse of a psalm or a text you like – or maybe  a short prayer. If you want, you can include the picture of St. Valentine from this posting.

That all may discover and experience God’s love and the one whom you sent …

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Who are the Lay Salvatorians ICDS?

International Community of the Divine Savior ICDS

Lay Salvatorians are the people who -living their present form of life- would like to participate in apostolates together with Salvatorian Fathers, Brothers and Sisters.

The Salvatorian Family has three branches: Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers, Salvatorian Sisters and Lay Salvatorians.

They are united by a public commitment to the mission as envisioned by our Founder, Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, forming one family of zealous apostles, announcing to all the salvation that has appeared in Jesus Christ (John 17:3). The Lay Salvatorians share their vocation in equality and complementary with the other members of the Salvatorian Family.

Lay Salvatorians are men and women, married or single, who have God at the center of their lives; people who have the ability to lead, transforming their environment by the way they live, defenders of life, human rights and all of God’s creation; people who, with their lives, give testimony of God’s kingdom and find strength by sharing in spiritual community with other Salvatorians.

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