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The Generalate of the Salvatorian Fathers and brothers has sent us an update about the plannings of the beatification ceremony of Fr. Francis Jordan. See the documents in several languages below.


Letter of Fr. Milton

Registration form


Carta del Padre Milton

Formulario de inscripción


Carta do Pe. Milton

Formulário de inscrição


Lettre du P. Milton

Formulaire d’inscription


List o. Miltona

Formularz rejestracyjny


Lettera di P. Milton

Modulo di registrazione


Brief von P. Milton



The General Committee has discussed and consulted about the possibilities and realities of the planned beatification ceremony. See the result in the letter below.

GC letter Beatification English


El Comité General ha debatido y consultado sobre las posibilidades y realidades de la ceremonia de beatificación prevista. Véase el resultado en la carta que figura a continuación.

Carta de beatificación del CG en español

The members of the General Committee are very pleased to inform you about the new version of the ICDS FAQ. After our last video conferences with some units/regions and a very good and fruitful exchange we have revised the Frequently asked questions and added also some new points. In addition, we will try to update this document annually. We are sure that there will be some questions which were not requested until today. If you have one, contact our secretary, please.
On the linked page you will find only the English version for the moment, the translations into other important languages will be available asap. If anyone could support us in this important work of translation, you are warmly and with joy welcome.

Link to ICDS FAQ

additional language update &

Estamos muy contentos de poder ofrecer a todos los hispanohablantes la meditación del Vía Crucis en su idioma ahora.

We are very pleased to be able to offer to all Spanish speaking people the Way of the Cross meditation in their language now.


Furthermore, we thought that the following could be maybe helpful:

A small instruction

or help for meditation with the pictures, for those who never have worked with it before in this way.

The Way of the Cross should invite you to meditate and the pictures should help you to approach the events in your mind, in your imagination. For this you need a quiet place, and for each station and of course for each picture also enough time (about 15 min).
The contemplation is not only about “What is to be seen in the picture”, but rather “How is it depicted?” and “What appeals to me (through the picture)”. This means that the viewer has to get involved with the picture and must not remain on the surface. He must respond to the play of light and shadow and allow himself to be captivated by it. On what is to be seen superficially, but also on what could be discovered in secret. Each of the pictures thus tells one or more little stories that open up to the viewer’s imagination. The picture is nothing fixed or finished, it is a space of possibilities. And this space, together with the text, allows the viewer to immerse himself in the picture and become so part of it.