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The Generalate of the Salvatorian Fathers and brothers has sent us an update about the plannings of the beatification ceremony of Fr. Francis Jordan. See the documents in several languages below.


Letter of Fr. Milton

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Carta del Padre Milton

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The General Committee has discussed and consulted about the possibilities and realities of the planned beatification ceremony. See the result in the letter below.

GC letter Beatification English


El Comité General ha debatido y consultado sobre las posibilidades y realidades de la ceremonia de beatificación prevista. Véase el resultado en la carta que figura a continuación.

Carta de beatificación del CG en español

Dear sisters and brothers,
Allow me to say a few fraternal words about this year’s upcoming December 8.
Life in the community as we know it is a great challenge especially now in the time of the CoVid pandemic. However, modern means of communication offer us new opportunities to live and share community in a completely new way – an opportunity that we might not have otherwise considered at all. The community, whether real or virtual, invites us to learn – and live – together. Here we experience encouragement, can open ourselves, and find support on the common Salvatorian path.
Around December 8th, many Sisters and Brothers of the Salvatorian Family will renew their commitment and become aware of it again. But we will also be able to welcome several new sisters and brothers into our family of faith.

We all know that the community is not only home to us, but also a constant challenge and sometimes it can become the touchstone of our witness. In mutual respect, it is important to recognize the differences within us and to see them as opportunities and riches. In this way, I would like to invite all of you, wherever you renew your personal commitment or make it the first time, to become aware of this Salvatorian Family and Community. This especially in this year of pandemic, but also with the prospect of the beatification of Father Fanziskus Jordan in May next year. Let us encourage each other to live our mission, which as Salvatorians has been entrusted in a specific vocation to each one of us personally.

Jesus Christ is the center of our community, our Salvatorian Family, and through and with Him our community endures, beyond all boundaries and limitations, because it resides in our hearts and minds.
So that we may all recognize Him as the only true God and whom He has sent

together with you on the Salvatorian path

Christian Patzl
President of the ICDS


Queridos hermanos y hermanas,
Permítanme decir unas palabras fraternales sobre el próximo 8 de diciembre de este año.
La vida en la comunidad tal como la conocemos es un gran desafío, especialmente ahora en la época de la pandemia de CoVid. Sin embargo, los medios de comunicación modernos nos ofrecen nuevas oportunidades para vivir y compartir la comunidad de una manera completamente nueva, una oportunidad que de otra manera no habríamos considerado en absoluto. La comunidad, ya sea real o virtual, nos invita a aprender y a vivir juntos. Aquí experimentamos el estímulo, podemos abrirnos y encontrar apoyo en el camino común Salvatoriano.
Alrededor del 8 de diciembre, muchas hermanas y hermanos de la Familia Salvatoriana renovarán su compromiso y volverán a tomar conciencia de ello. Pero también podremos acoger a varias nuevas hermanas y hermanos en nuestra familia de fe.

Todos sabemos que la comunidad no sólo es nuestro hogar, sino también un desafío constante y a veces puede convertirse en la piedra de toque de nuestro testimonio. En el respeto mutuo, es importante reconocer las diferencias dentro de nosotros y verlas como oportunidades y riquezas. De esta manera, quisiera invitar a todos ustedes, dondequiera que renueven su compromiso personal o lo hagan por primera vez, a tomar conciencia de esta Familia y Comunidad Salvatoriana. Esto especialmente en este año de pandemia, pero también con la perspectiva de la beatificación del Padre Francisco Jordán en mayo del próximo año. Animémonos mutuamente a vivir nuestra misión, que como Salvatorianos nos ha sido confiada en una vocación específica a cada uno de nosotros personalmente.

Jesucristo es el centro de nuestra comunidad, nuestra Familia Salvatoriana, y a través de Él y con Él nuestra comunidad perdura, más allá de todas las fronteras y limitaciones, porque reside en nuestros corazones y mentes.
Para que todos podamos reconocerlo como el único Dios verdadero y a quien ha enviado

junto contigo en el camino de los Salvatorianos

Christian Patzl
Presidente del ICDS

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Many people of the world and the Catholic church are celebrating February 8 again. You remember why?

It’s the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita, who was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery in Sudan and Italy. Once Josephine was freed, she became a Canossian nun and dedicated her life to sharing her testament of deliverance from slavery and comforting the poor and suffering. She was declared a Saint in 2000 and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the International Union of Superiors General have designated February 8 as an annual day of prayer and awareness against human trafficking.

On February 8, Catholics all over the world are encouraged to host or attend prayer services to create greater awareness Continue reading