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186 years ago Mother Maria was born. A long time and yet her life radiates charism to this day – and still influences us.
She was a strong woman, who steadfastly seeked her way. That was certainly not easy for her at that time. She broke some conventions in her search for the right place in life. The repeated joining and leaving of several religious congregations were very courageous steps – facing the gossips of the people in the area was certainly not an easy way for her. And in a similar way also for her family, who also had to endure this chatter. Nevertheless, she was supported by them in her search, and they gave her strength and security.
For me, she is a role model for the unwavering quest to find the right path through life and not to worry too much about the gossip of others. Reflection and confirmation I receive in the conversation with God and our Salvatorian community, in which her work is still noticeable. It is our Salvatorian community that supports me and gives me the strength to seek and find my way. I hope you can experience this as well. Each of our paths is unique and different – but together we go into the same direction. In openness and tolerance for our different ways, we assist each other to make the love of God sensible for others.

Happy Birthday, dear Mother Mary!

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On December 8th, 2018 the Western Region (USA) Salvatorians renewed their commitment/vows at a beautiful Liturgy celebrated by Fr. Sal Ragusa, SDS at Holy Names University.

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La Familia Salvatoriana de Colombia realiz贸 su primera asamblea y dio un fuerte signo de vida. La Familia Salvatoriana de Colombia realiz贸 su primera asamblea y dio un fuerte signo de vida. Se elabor贸 鈥嬧媢na declaraci贸n que nos llamaba saber incluso algunas cosas m谩s interesantes para el futuro.

Declaraci贸n de la Familia Salvatoriana Colombiana 2018

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The Gerneral Assembly has arraived at it’s halfway point. The atmosphere in the group is fantastic, each one has the joy to communicate and to share with one another  – and not at least the common joy to be at this event!

The reports which were given have shown how much the ICDS has moved forward and has grown in the past six years. Presentations about community building and formation gave new perspectives on how we could deepen the community on all levels. Following this, thoughts about possible cooperations between units based on the apostolates which are already in action there (building synergies) were shared. The future could become very interesting and fruitful …

You can find more details here.

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The preparations are finished, the room is ready, the participants are excited and full of joy. The General Assembly of the ICDS is ready to start …

If you want more information of each day, follow this link, please 鈫 GA2018. 

 Your spiritual support by prayer will be a help and a sign of unity by all participants.

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