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Mensaje y reflexión de Pentecostés
Note one of the oldest representations of the Christian Pentecost event from the 6th century in the image above.
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3 Responses to ICDS Penetcost message 2020

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    We are reminded in Revelation that “he who sat upon the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new’” (Rev 21:5).
    The Pentecost letter conveys the moving message that the way things have always been is not necessarily the way they are to be now. I have chosen this message as a key to my preparations for the Joint Leadership Meeting in Poland which is to take place on September 4th. Joint Leadership in Poland is very new. The first meeting was on December 7th 2019. Our Savior and King wants to make things new and I don’t want to stand in His way!

    I tried to write something on the Forum, but had problems longing in. Christian, I know you’ll help.

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    ¡Gracias por esa hermosa respuesta!

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    Thanks to the Committee for its words of reflection, to be able to live the experience of a true Pentecost.
    Lay Salvatorians of Spain wish all the laity a Happy Pentecost!

    We are sent to be …
    witnesses to joy,
    artifices of peace,
    unit builders and
    missionaries of mercy.

    en español:

    Gracias al Comité por sus palabras de reflexión, para poder vivir la experiencia de un verdadero Pentecostés.
    Los Salvatorianos laicos de España, deseamos a todos los laicos un Feliz Pentecostés!

    Somos enviados a ser…
    testigos de la alegría,
    artifices de la paz,
    constructores de unidad y
    misioneros de la misericordia.

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