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According to these words above of Mother Mary of the Apostles, the European Lay Salvatorian meeting 2019 took place at Horrem (July,11 – 14 2019). Participants from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain and one Salvatorian sister from the US shared a few days of prayers, discussions, thoughts, reflections and a lot of good humor. Some of the highlights were

  • a Rosary made by tea candles, where each one was invited to bring in his/her thanks, requests or simple thoughts of personal importance.

  • a tale of reflection about how we could change the face of our world with easy means.

  • a little view on mission projects in India and Sri Lanka.

  • a visit of the cathedral of Cologne and some other interesting romanic churches which mirrors the long history of Christianity in this area.

  • a very contemplative inspiring Vesper and Eucharist at the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem.

  • a visit of the roots of Mother Mary of the Apostles at Myllendonk and Neuwerk.

  • and of course the readings and gospels of each day …

Unfortunately, the time passed too quickly but the spiritual bags of the participants got filled very well and so this wonderful event will still accompany us in our minds over a long time into the future.

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2 Responses to „I searcherd and searched …“

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    Hola a todos desde Cracas:

    Que buena noticia que cada dos años se realice un Encuentro Europeo de la ICDS-Salvatorianos Laicos. Así pueden conocerse más de cerca, compartir experiencias, testimonios; y actualizarse sobre como nos organizamos y hacemos comunidad fraterna en las diferentes unidades y a nivel internacional y colaboramos mutuamente como Familia Salvatoriana (Padres, hermanos, hermanas y laicos comprometidos). Felicidades a todos.

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    Muchas Felicitaciones para todos, y gracias por compartir algunos momentos que han vivido juntos.

    Laicos Salvatorianos de España

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