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Dear Lay Salvatorians,
Please read the latest issue of our letter of inspiration and motivation here. Our ICDS General Committee member Sabin Ormaza from Venezuela has written something about the new ways and opportunities for collaboration between lay Salvatorians around the world. However, this is not just a fiction, but already a reality and you are invited to participate.
Enjoy the letter and let us know what you think about it.

The members of the GC of the iCDS

Letter of inspriation and motivation April 2018

Queridos Salvatorianos Laicos:

Por favor, lee aquí la última edición de nuestra “Carta de Inspiración e Motivación”. Sabin Ormaza, de Venezuela y miembro de Nuestro del Comité General de la ICDS, ha escrito algo sobre las nuevas formas y oportunidades de colaboración entre los Salvatorianos Laicos de todo el mundo. Sin embargo, esto no es solo una ficción, sino que ya es una realidad y estás invitado a participar.

Disfruta de la carta y dinos lo que piensas al respecto.

Members of the General Committee of the ICDS

Carta de Inspiración e Motivación






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2 Responses to Letter of inspiration and motivation – April 2019

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    Thank for the letter and the invitation to become involved. I will share a copy with the members of the US Lay Salvatorian National Board at our meetings this week and encourage them to share with the members of their units/sectors.

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    Dear Sabin,
    Thank you very much for this encouraging and motivating letter. I will forward it to all our Austrian members. I have recognised that you have forgotten to mention the working group for “Expanding the Salvatorian Family”

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