A possibly helpful remark

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A possibly helpful remark

Post by Christian » Mon 28. Jan 2019, 14:58

:no: - If you do not find something here that you hoped to find, it may be up to you because you do not write anything! - :ja: ;)

So take courage and write your question or comment!

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Re: A possibly helpful remark

Post by CMonica » Thu 31. Jan 2019, 17:00

Hello to all,

Finally I have reached this wornderfull tool to operate as the LS-IVC Committee

Many thanks to Christian for his efforts to join us trough this web tool (using all ways and means as a good Salvatorian).

Soon I will post some ideas for this working Committee

May all know Jesús Christ our Divine Savior

Monica Cuadra

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Re: A possibly helpful remark

Post by VENEZUELAICDS » Thu 31. Jan 2019, 21:29

Hello to all
Saying I am also active in my Commisions

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Re: A possibly helpful remark

Post by Anne » Sat 21. Sep 2019, 02:55

Thank you to all Lay Salvatorians across the world who have joined the Forum.
As Chairperson of the Justice, Peace and Integrity Commission, I would like to invite any Lay person who may have information regarding the above Commission to forward to me their present progress, activities and involvements that are happening in the name of Fr Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. This information will be taken to Rome in December when I meet with representatives from the Salvatorian Sisters ,Priests and Lay to discuss the future direction of this important Commission.
I know many countries are very active in their work towards making the world a better place for all, we just need to hear from you. Material that is forwarded to me will be placed into a report then posted onto this forum enabling other groups of Lay Salvatorians to read what is possible for us if we dedicate ourselves to the work of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. May God's blessings be on you all.
Anne cullender Secretary ICDS

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Re: A possibly helpful remark

Post by Anne » Tue 1. Oct 2019, 04:05

Good morning to everyone reading this notification.
I am happy to report that some of our wonderful units of Lay Salvatorians have forwarded to me their reports regarding activities and actions of the JPIC in their countries. This is most useful when I compile my report for the JPIC Commission in Rome in December..
If you have not sent your report to me as yet, I sincerely ask you to do so very quickly.
Anne Cullender
Secretary of ICDS International Committee

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