Are we racists? - ¿Somos racistas?

On what should we draw our attention - spiritual, economical, socio-ecological realities
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Are we racists? - ¿Somos racistas?

Post by Christian » Wed 28. Oct 2020, 10:03

A group is divided into blue-eyed and brown-eyed individuals. The blue-eyed are discriminated against from the beginning, the brown-eyed are privileged. Will the blue-eyed people put up with this? What happens to the group when it is constantly subjected to discrimination? The camera is always present and observes the behavior.
An interesting experiment that makes you think about it![/youtube]

Un grupo se divide en personas de ojos azules y de ojos marrones. Los de ojos azules son discriminados desde el principio, los de ojos marrones son privilegiados. ¿La gente de ojos azules lo soportará? ¿Qué le sucede al grupo cuando es constantemente objeto de discriminación? La cámara siempre está presente y observa el comportamiento.
¡Un experimento interesante que te hace pensar![/youtube]

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