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Post nominals

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Been asked this and don’t know the answer: do Lay Salvatorians use any post nominals?
I googled and keep finding “Salvatorians use the post nominals sds” however this always seems to occur after a discussion of Salvatorian fathers/members of the society of the divine saviour. Do sister and lay Salvatorians use anything?
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Re: Post nominals

Post by Christian »

As far as I overview this so is "SDS" used by the Society (men) and by the Congregation (women). In the US some Lay Salvatorian use "SDS" too, but this is not right because they are not members of the Society or the Congregation. The reason is left in history because, in the middle of the sixties of the last century, some members of the Society and the Congregation left their communities. They started with a program of laity and named themselves "associates". That means that they saw themselves very very close to the two religious branches. It went so far that some of them saw themselves still as part of the Society and wanted to take part in the decisions of the unit. But this is completely impossible by the canon law and also by the law of the state. So there has to be more aware come into effect that this is not correct anymore.
At the moment the ICDS has still no status by law a such. We are in a good process about this with the Vatican dicastery of laity, family, and life in Rome - but it will take still some time. To bring an international community on the way is not an easy thing. As long as we do not have this official recognition by the Vatican dicastery we can not use any post-nominal letters "officially" with our names.

Another question is if this will be really used by the members. In some regions and places, of course, YES, but in other places, it is absolutely uncommon.
Mostly it will be of a benefit if it will be used within the Salvatorian Family. So you know to which branch a person is connected.
At the moment my personal opinion tends to use a simple "CDS" in such a case, to make known of what part of the Salvatorian community you are. "CDS" has also only three letters and is very close to "SDS".
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