For December 7th or 8th

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For December 7th or 8th

Post by Christian » Sun 7. Dec 2014, 14:22

I want to wish you all a fine day when you renew or make new your commitment. May the Lord bless you all and give us all the feeling to be united in one Salvatorian family.
We here in Austria will celebrate the renewing of our vows/commitment this afternoon together with sisters and fathers/brothers in Vienna as we did also in the past. I'm looking forward on the event, to came together in the family and share time, thoughts and communication together.

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Re: For December 7th or 8th

Post by JudyBDavisSDS » Sat 17. Jan 2015, 14:43

The renewal of vows/commitment for the SDS family has been a long standing tradition in the USA. There will be groups wherever there are SDS coming together and we use the suggested forumla that the International Leadership put out a few years ago now. I personally was traveling for work during that time and so I took some time privately during the same day/time and renewed my commitment. I do miss being a part of the group and it is always a nice time to gather, reaffirm our personal commitment, support one another in theirs and generally just be together. It is a very nice way to start the new spiritual year; I often wonder if that is one of the reasons Fr. Jordan chose that feast day because it was also the beginning of the Church year?

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