On what should we draw our attention - spiritual, economical, socio-ecological realities
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Post by Christian » Tue 10. Dec 2013, 12:30

At the last mmeting of the GC in Rome 2013 Fr. Michael Overmann SDS, the archivist of the SocDS, gave us an overview of the archive in the motherhouse. Second he encouraged us to start our own archive, because it'S high on time. It's often happen very fast, that less observed but important materials disappears irrecoverable. So that this may not happen it's necessary that each unit should start as soon as possible with an unit archive.

Why do we need that?
E.g. could some students work out a homework or a dissertation from this material - or some development of the unit is seen afterwards more clear, etc.

How to do?
Here is a proposal for "How to start" or maybe a small guideline:
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