Petition against racism

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Petition against racism

Post by Christian » Fri 5. Jun 2020, 08:27

Hello everyone and warm greetings from Australia.

The General Committee of the ICDS (Lay Salvatorians) supports a committee that looks at issues around the topics of Justice, Peace and Integrity. This committee is known as the JPIC. Issues that are dealt with are such things as child exploitation, Human trafficking, unwarranted violence against women, racism and so on.
With the unnecessary and tragic death in America of Mr George Floyd, the JPIC have made this a issue of great importance that needs to be brought to everybody’s attention for the tragic death of this African American who was treated with contempt because of the colour of his skin.
The Chairperson of the General Committee, Mr Christian Patzl, has suggested that we ask all Lay Salvatorian units across the globe, to put together a petition that draws attention to this dreadful incident that is across all t.v. screens. This does need to be done immediately where possible while there is an enormous amount of publicity, not only because of the death of Mr Floyd, but the unfair manner in which many millions of people are treated because of their poverty, lack of work skills, belonging to an ethnic group or simply the colour of their skin.
If your Lay Salvatorian unit believe this is something that could make a difference in our fragile world, then you are urged under the name of Lay Salvatorians to put together a petition, have as many people as possible to sign it, then send it off to your government quickly.
Many voices in unity CAN make a difference.

Yours in Christ our Saviour

Anne Cullender
Secretary General Committee ICDS

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