Coming closer to Fr. Francis

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Coming closer to Fr. Francis

Post by Christian » Sat 15. May 2021, 07:28

After today's celebration of the beatification of our Founder, the question arises whether we should not get even closer to him. I am referring to the language we use when we speak about him.
Of course, it is a matter of courtesy, decency, and respect to call him by his name, Francis of the Cross Jordan. But I wonder if we Salvatorians should not rather speak simply of Father Francis. Because simply by shortening the name, he can come closer to us, become more familiar to us. We can perhaps meet him even more as a human being at eye level. Personally, I believe that this would be in his spirit if we think of ourselves as his spiritual daughters and sons.
This day of beatification perhaps opens up a completely new image of the Founder: not of a raptured person somewhere unapproachable on a cloud. Rather, we should discover the person called by God next to us. A man who, despite all his setbacks, all his powerlessness, did not give up because he felt the flame of conviction in his heart.
In this way, Fr. Francis should guide us today, show us how to adapt and develop his ideas and plans for the world of today and tomorrow. Just like a good teacher who meets the apprentice at eye level, because he knows that he will achieve much more in this way than from a position above.

Another question appeared if Fr. Francis is the founder of the Lay Salvatorians. This question is not simply to answer because there was not a real recognized organization of "Lay Salvatorians" in the past, especially in the days of Fr. Francis. And certainly, not one that he would have founded because there were too many difficulties and misunderstandings with the church's government. So maybe we should speak better of our "Initiator" because this is what he has really done. Inspired by his thoughts and visions the Lay Salvatorian branch came into gear after the Church has recognized the important role of the laity in the 2. Vatican Council.
In this way, may we Salvatorians always be close to our Founder or Initiator, not as distant and unreachable Father Jordan, but simply as Father Francis, who walks our path of today with us in spirit.
So that all may know HIM ...

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