Guide for the preparation and formation of Salvatorians

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Guide for the preparation and formation of Salvatorians

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This Guide is composed of modules for the preparation and ongoing formation of Salvatorians, lay and religious. The program consists of three units. Each unit presents a series of ten sequential lessons, that is, each module builds on the information set forth in the previous one. In addition, the arrangement of the modules allows them to be neatly blended in with the annual Salvatorian cycle of feast days and events and with the seasons of the liturgical year. All of the modules follow the Same format. Each includes the following elements: pictures, Salvatorian history, Salvatorian spirituality, passages from Sacred Scripture, texts from the Second Vatican Council, questions and points for reflection, references for further reading, and a Salvatorian prayer.

The present text is the English version of the original units called Begleitbriefe (letters to accompany one on a journey). They were compiled for Lay Salvatorians in Austria by Sr. Ulrike Musick, SDS, Vienna, and Fr. Peter van Meijl, SDS, Rome. They have been translated and adapted by Sr. Miriam Cerletty, SDS, and reviewed and proofread by Sr. Aquin Gilles, SDS, Fr. Peter van Meijl, SDS, and Fr. Thomas J. Novak, SDS. The layout was done by Fr. Joseph Henn, SDS.

May this program be a dynamic process in promoting our spiritual growth and dedication to our Salvatorian mission: that all people might know more and more the one true God and him whom he sent, Jesus Christ, and that they might lead holy lives... fRule 1882].

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA September 1997

Unit 1
1 Father Jordan (Overview of his Life and Foundations)
2 Father Jordan's Vision
3 Lay Salvatorians
4 Father Lüthen (Biographical Sketch)
5 Mother Mary (Biographical Sketch)
6 The Unfolding of Mother Mary's Vocation
7 In the Cross is Salvation
8 Father Jordan and Sacred Scripture
9 Foundations Established by Father Jordan
10 Salvatorian Keywords, Symbols, and Emblems

Unit 2
11 Salvatorian Patrons and Feastdays
12 Sentire cum Ecclesia (Feel with the Church)
13 That All May Know You, the One True God
14 Active Collaboration of Women
15 Let the Little Ones Come, Especially the Children
16 Jesus, Savior of the World
17 Be Apostolic
18 The Spiritual Diary of Father Jordan
19 Sacramental Life
20 Salvatorian Call and Mission

Unit 3
21 Aspects of Salvatorian Poverty
22 Aspects of Salvatorian Chastity
23 Aspects of Salvatorian Obedience
24 The Spiritual Testament of Fr. Francis of the Cross and of Mother Mary of the Apostles
25 The Power of Prayer
26 Apostolic Proclamation
27 Social Questions
28 Mary, Mother of the Savior
29 Give Us the Grace
30 Others Will Come

The Life of Father Francis Jordan by Fr. Pancratius Pfeiffer, SDS, translated by Fr. Winfrid Herbst, SDS; St. Nazianz, 1936, 574 pp; 2nd edition, 1947, 495 pp.

Spiritual Diary of Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, translated from the original by S. Miriam Cerletty, SDS; Rome, 1981, 287 pp.

Spiritual Itinerary of Our Founder, Francis M Jordan by Fr. Timotheus Edwein, SDS; translated from the German by Fr. Vogelgesang, SVD; Milwaukee, 1970; spiral-bound booklet, 79 pp.

Because He Hoped in Me: Life of Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross by Fr. Leonard Gerke, SDS; Salvatorian Center, New Holstein, WI, 1981, 262 pp.

In the Shadow of the Cross: A Life of Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross, an adaptation by Fr. Thomas Novak, SDS, from the original German edition by Fr. Bernward Meisterjahn, SDS, and from the English version by Fr. Alex McAllister, SDS; Milwaukee, 1994; soft-cover booklet, 24 pp.

Lest Any Flesh Should Pride Itself Father Francis Jordan, Founder of the Salvatorian, His Character and Ideals, by Fr. Bernward Meisterjahn, SDS, translated from the German by Fr. Matthew Fehring, SDS; St. Nazianz, 30 pp; reprinted in booklet form by SDS-W, Rome, 45 pp_

Mary of the Apostles: A Short Biography, English translation by S. Maryclare Hart, SDS, from the original German text by S. Ulrike Musick, SDS; SHS series, Milwaukee, 1994, 105 pp.

Spiritual Journal in Poetry: Poems by Therese, an English rendition by S. Miriaro Cerletty, SDS, of the Gedichte of Therese von Wüllenweber; SHS series, Milwaukee, 1994, 107 pp.

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Catechism of the Catholic Church; Vatican City, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1992 (English translation, 1994).

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