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by Kpratt
Mon 13. Jul 2020, 06:23
Forum: Formation
Topic: Forming Disciples - Sending Apostles Part II
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Re: Forming Disciples - Sending Apostles Part II

Hi there,
Just wondering if Modules 8B, 9 and 10 are available anywhere?
Kind regards
by Kpratt
Wed 17. Apr 2019, 17:18
Forum: FAQ - Lay Salvatorians
Topic: Post nominals
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Post nominals

Hi, Been asked this and don’t know the answer: do Lay Salvatorians use any post nominals? I googled and keep finding “Salvatorians use the post nominals sds” however this always seems to occur after a discussion of Salvatorian fathers/members of the society of the divine saviour. Do sister and lay S...